Thursday, December 19, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse in Pretty Woman

Dazzling Shine
Fresh Moisture
Light Weight
This gorgeous lip gloss has an elegant packaging that would make you applying this feel like you're a delegate on an opera, or something elegant like that.
Aside from the tube, I love the tip, no not that but, the entire brush of this lip gloss!
The tip looks like a leaf. Has a round body (perfect for spreading it on the entire lips) and has an edge tip (for a more precise outline).
My November Glam Extraordinaire BDJ Box include a plum color Pretty Woman that looks like this
It smells so good too. It actually reminds me of berries and wine. :)
This lip gloss is the perfect finish after a nude lip liner like Maybellines lip liner in Toast. It could also be use as it is without worrying about having dry chapped lips as it keeps lips moisturized. The perfect travel buddy this ber months. ;)


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