Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Food Trip: T.G.I.Friday's

Today is the first Monday of the month but, today I felt it was already Friday! Thanks togerilen 477
Monday - is the shortest horror story especially when you dread going to work or school for that matter. You grip both hands and hold yourself together and brace for a wave of "stress" is coming your way!
gerilen 517
Friday on the other hand, however is the most anticipated day of the week. It means letting loose, going all out and getting cozy. Friday means fun, happy drinks and good food. Just the right reasons to go T.G.I.Fridays when you need something to serve you Friday-worthy experiences any day it may be. And in here, I share to you my first TGIFridays experience and let's count how many plates I used, shall we?
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The battle field will not be ready without the drinks. Ice cold water and fresh apple-carrot juice is just the thing!
Three-For-All! A potato, cheese and chicken trio.wpid-C360_2013-12-02-15-44-46-467.jpgwpid-C360_2013-12-02-15-44-46-467.jpg
Baby Back Ribs - just the good tender juicy meat falling off it's bone, it's madness!wpid-C360_2013-12-02-16-42-07-401.jpg
Jack Daniel's Bacon Cheeseburger - you'll never eat a burger without Jack Daniel's sauce ever again!
Now I wish they sold this special sauce in a separate bottle, don't you think?
Shareable Platter - TGIFriday serves shareable platters in this holiday season as their final quarter special promo! Don't miss this out as this is available for limited time only!wpid-C360_2013-12-02-16-23-57-549.jpg
That tender juicy in the inside crispy on the outside pure fish fillet is my favorite among these three. Such a perfect protein truel (a battle of three)!
Filipino Platter - medley of local favorites
Brownie Obsession
- vanilla ice cream and crunchy-top-gooey on the inside brownie equals dessert paradise!wpid-IMG_20131202_170858.jpg
Mocha Mud Pie - there's surprise hidden in this yummy, yummy delight!wpid-C360_2013-12-02-17-06-46-799.jpg
Since it's Friday, I will show you.
gerilen 544
Below are the series of my artistic (more like chaotic) plates in a jumble. It's food. It's art. It's in my tummy now. :P
Colors and texture.
Juicy and Crispy.
Cool and Sweet.wpid-IMG_20131202_171253.jpg
Sinful and glittery.
Finger licked.
Savory and tangy.
I had to take two photos of my desert. It's my sweet tooth dictating.wpid-IMG_20131202_171240.jpg
First plate.
Cliff hanging? Not in here, of course, more TGIFridays tour, interior, food and all that here.
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