Sunday, December 22, 2013

Food Trip: Under The Tree Book Cafe, Governor Pack Road, Baguio City

We've been walking back and forth on Governor Pack Road searching for a cafe. Silly me didn't realize that all I have to do was ask. Don't fret, I stand in front of Andoks Chicken and looked up. Guess what? I saw this.
gerilen 131
I've been living here for more than a decade. I walk this street for 5 years every day, and it's my first time to look up. Yes, its my first time to learn about Book Cafe. The entrance was quite hard to find. I had to ask a local. ;)
gerilen 162
On our way there, I looked up and saw that sign up there. I'm half way there. I'm literally been looking for a tree because I know it's under it - excuse myself being the silly cat. I totally can't read the sign below, but I have a hunch it says along the lines of "Under the Tree" and/or "Book Cafe", don't you think?
gerilen 190
gerilen 163
The wooden stairs going up look old school - just the way I like it. This is certainly part of the old Baguio. :)
gerilen 191
My dates for that lazy afternoon - the Jersons of my life. Hehe
gerilen 187

gerilen 164
The cafe has a home feel to it. One wall full of books - Korean book that is.
gerilen 166
The opposite side of the wall was full of post-it/sticky notes
gerilen 184
gerilen 167
that I think were written by their customers
gerilen 171
and Book Cafe members.
gerilen 178
Yup, they offer membership there too. So, if you are a local who hadn't got a clue or a new migrant there who loves coffee and everything Korean- ask them about it. :)
Aside from the books, the store was decorate with cute tiny trinkets and novelties.gerilen 177
gerilen 172
gerilen 173
Not just that, they also have a "private room" where you 
gerilen 179
and experience a more intimate over coffee moments on this cute Korean inspired room
gerilen 182
gerilen 181
The staff were very friendly. The counter boards are so cute too! It makes you wanna order everything! lol Aside from coffee, they also offer Korean noodles, cream puff and cookies.
gerilen 183
Hope they sell macaroons and cheesecakes too. :P
The stars of our table -
Creampuff (Php80.00) and regular size chilled Choco Latte (Php60.00)

gerilen 168
gerilen 169
My dates enjoy that gigantic creampuff - especially our little man!
gerilen 170
gerilen 175
gerilen 188
We had so much fun. We'll definitely go back to Baguio and it will be a tradition to visit this little nook in the heart of the City of Baguio.
Can't wait to try their sweet potato latte soon! <3
Check their official facebook page here.

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