Sunday, December 15, 2013

BOOK: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

One of my best decision was to bring this book on our trip to North.

It was fitting --- although its not yet summer, the feel is just the same. Vacation, travel, another place, getting relax, letting loose.
Although im forever a fan of rain and drizzle and fog, how Belly described the sun and how she loves the beach really made me love summer season a little bit more. It made me wanna slap on tan lotion and cook myself under the sun, it made laps on pool a fun thing to do and it made it look like wearing swimwear is just as ordinary as wearing house clothes.
The real moving heartstrings though are the times when Belly narrates her past, her boys and her love for that one boy - Conrad.
If you wanna read the book and hate spoilers, then I am warning you, read until here and at least watch this trailer...

See you on book two!

Conrad's and Isabella's love for the film Titanic makes me cringe at the end of closing this book - they have the same ending.
Tragic. Change. Loss. Death.
This book broke my heart more than once, it will to you too, so prepare yourself to fall in love. Make yourself a glass of refreshing sun tea and soak the sun.


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