Thursday, December 19, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Miracle Hair Oil Treatment

Versatile Use
Extraordinary Moisture
Sumptuous Softness
Luxurious Shine
Light, Non-Greasy Finish
Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Miracle Hair Oil Treatment is a mouthful of words and a mouthful of uses. Certainly, this hair treatment is really one extraordinary oil as it has 6 Flower Extract Oil including Lotus, Tiare, Rose, Flax, Chamomile and Sunflower.
It is a very versatile product indeed as it has multiple uses such as
*Spa Treatment - restore, nourish and prep hair. Apply generous amount of oil in dry hair just before taking shower. Shampoo and conditioner follows.
*To Detangle Hair - After shower, towel dry hair and apply oil before blow drying to reduce tangle, protect hair from heat and speed drying time.
*Heat Protectant Before Styling- On dry hair, apply oil to protect hair from heat. This will also add luster to dull hair making it look shinier.
*Leave-In Mist - No need to buy a separate leave in mist as this oil could also be use as a light weight finish. Helps refresh hair with a subtle fragrance
I have sparse thin fine hair and this is perfect for the cool ber months. Perfect paired with Loreal Parish Shampoo and Conditioner.image
The packaging is quite sophisticated looking but not that good. I mean I love that it has a pump for a head because you could control the amount of product you'll squeeze, less possibility of spillage and its very hygienic, but, the body makes me cringe every time I use it though because its made of glass. Its made of glass and it has oil in it. So I use my double-grip-extra-hold strength as my slippery hands might drop this precious miracle of a glass bottle. I wish they'll have it on an aluminum or plastic container instead, it would be safer for clumsy bad-hair-day girls, travel-friendly and it'll cut the weight, cut the cost and hence cut the prices too, making it more affordable. Other than that, all of about this oil is oh-so-good!
I would share this to my elbows, knees, knuckles and ankles too. ;) That is how versatile this oil is for me.
Thank you so much BDJ Box and Loreal Paris for including this full size to the November Elite Holiday Glam Extraordinaire - it really fits this miracle oil!


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