Monday, December 16, 2013

Nice Day Coffee in White

Today, I woke up at around 5am. My waking time’s 9 and waking up at around 5 means something is either ecstatically amazing or something is real wrong. Since I felt restless the moment I open my eyes, it means the latter; this day would be more than a typical bad hair day! What to do when you were supposed to be energetic and actually anticipate having fun because you were in a freaking vacation on the first place? (guess where here)
Undo the curse of waking-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-bed with
Nice Day Coffee in White
This sachet is a 5-in-1 coffee mix of coffee powder, non-dairy creamer, sucralose, collagen and glutathione.
gerilen 208
Nice Day Coffee in White is white not just because it has creamer in its mixture but because it contained glutathione that could help you have whiter fairer skin.
gerilen 211
L'Oreal Nails here
Surprisingly, this coffee is not sweet, unlike the other white coffee mixes out there. It’s sort of bitter – you could actually taste and smell the strong aroma of coffee.
gerilen 209
I like it. After having my morning cup of Nice Day Coffee, the bad blues begone and I'm ready to enjoy my finally-happening vacation with hubby and baby.
Can't wait to try the other variants! What's your favorite Nice Day Coffee?
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