Saturday, December 28, 2013

Book: Talk Back and You're Dead

James Reid. Nadine Lustre. Ring a bell? Well, this is not the film, it's the book. "Talk Back and You're Dead is a 2014 Filipino teen romcom about a girl falling hard on a gangsta. 

Alessa Marie is a Wattpad writer, and "Talk Back and You're Dead!" is one of the successful wattpad stories turned to book.
The tag-lish (tagalog-english)book is for high schoolers, but I read it anyway. It's my first time to read a tagalog novel - as this is described. It's kinda cheesy, full of cussing cursing and gang brawling, and there are certain boring flashback parts for me. The Crazy Trio jokes are sometimes corny for my likings but what makes me read it from cover to cover were Miracle's description of Top. The last parts of the book were my favorite as JG and Kuya Lee's pressure on the two lovebirds kept me on the edge of my seat. ;)
Will definitely look forward to Book two! Bring it on!

I'm excited to watch the movie! I still haven't seen it yet.


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