Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy 10 years Propee!

ADP Pharma Corporation, a company that takes pride in providing Filipinos with the best quality healthcare and wellness products, celebrates the 10th anniversary of Propan’s ambassador, the violet whale, Proppee! As now the number one Pediatric Multivitamin brand in the non-mineral segment, Propan TLC also showed their appreciation to their partner doctors   and   their families   who   have continuously  supported  the   brand. The event showcased a musical play about the quest of the Pamilyang Magana in finding Proppee’s castle and rediscovering the benefits of Propan TLC and Propan Fit.

Focus Propan Variants

Propan TLC - A vitamin preparation with Taurine, Lysine, and Chlorella Growth Factor (TLC), Propan TLC comes in drops and syrup fOR infants and children from 7 months to 12 years old. It   is   a   dietary   supplement   that   helps   in   in   maintaining   adequate   nutrition   which   is essential   for   a   child’s   optimum   growth,   good   health,   physical   strength   and   mental development.

Propan Fit - A dietary supplement that helps in the prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiency including fatigue, pregnancy lactation, weak constitution, the period of growth senescense.  Additionally,   Propan   Fit   enhances   natural   resistance   and   recuperative power of the body and reduces fatigue; as a general tonic.

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