Monday, June 05, 2017

McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2017

Last Sunday, May 28, McCormick Friends and Flavor Club co-presented by F&B Report held a good day with overflowing yummy food and good music at the BGC Amphitheater, and its open to public!

The first 500 people on the event got to taste and experience the goodness of signature McCormick flavored dishes from celebrity chefs - Chef Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore, Privatu's Chef AJ Reyes, Tipple and Slaw's Chef Francis Lim and Black Sheep's Patrick Go.

Privatus' Chef AJ Reyes taught the audience how to make a Cajun Shrimp and Corn using McCormick Grill Mates Cajun Marinade Mix and McCormick Curry Extension.

Chef Mikel Zaguirre use McCormick Kare-Kare Recipe Mix for Chicken Kare-Kare Kushiyaki with green mango and bagoong Pico de Galo.

Black Sheep's Chef Patrick Go showed how to make this Sloppy Joe Bao using McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix.

Old Fashioned Ginger Ale by Stanford Shaw. It tastes good and healthy too with the combination of ginger and lemon.

Shopping Avenue is the place to get your McCormick staples like Garlic Powder, Curry Powder, Basil Leaves, Pesto Sauce Mix, Carbonara Sauce Mix and so much more! 

The event was hosted by Ms. Tracy Abad and Mr. Mark Andrew Suntay. Live band also performed to entertain the audience while experiencing the goodness of McCormick flavored dishes!

The event was successful and plenty of people came and got to try and taste yummy good foods from different high-end concessionaires offering a taste of what they serve in respective restaurants showcasing their secrets- McCormick Seasonings!

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