Wednesday, June 07, 2017

#GerifiedPH: Dig into Solitaire!

Did you know? Solitaire is also called Patience.

One of the oldest, most retro games of all time requires more than your thinking skills, it also ask for your patience, lots and lots of it.

Solitaire is a good exercise and teaser for the brain. One good game can keep the brain from being stagnant.

Did you know? Solitaire can also mean a diamond or any other precious stone and gem set in a piece of jewelry by itself.

One of the most significant part of the game is to shuffle the cards randomly - intensively at that.
Thanks to modern technology for the gadgets and the internet for the connection, now we can play Solitaire anytime, anywhere!

Did you know? There are different kinds of solitaire games. offers an online solitaire game with different variations; as of now, they currently have 16 solitaires including the famous FreeCell Solitaire, the iconic Spider Solitaire, the Klondike Solitaire, even the least-known versions such as the Pyramid Solitaire.

Different versions may scare beginners and noobs at first, good thing DigSolitaire provides simple, easy to follow tutorials where you can learn the rules and the basic steps.

Aside from trying out different versions, you can also save your high scores and aim to reach the Top Board Scorers posted on-time on the DigSolitaire website.

Want to create your own version? You can also contactDigSolitaire so they can add it to the website.
In DigSolitaire, you will have fun exercising your brain!

Are you into puzzles, too? Check out!

Did you know? You can also strengthen your mind with puzzles, too! Read more about it here: Tickle your mind with riddles for eyes.

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