Saturday, April 30, 2016

ELIZABETH: MORRISON Stretch Mark Collagen Body Cream

Wanna get rid of Stretch Marks?

Here are 3, easy steps:

1. HYDRATE WELL - water keeps the skin more elastic so drink up! Skip coffee and softdrinks because caffeine dehydrates you.

2. EAT A SKIN-NOURISHING DIET - food rich in vitamins A, C and E are good for your skin. They maintain elasticity and help you produce new skin cells. Try eating more kiwis and bell peppers! 

3. MASSAGE REGULARLY w/ CREAM - keep your skin moisturizer with MORRISON Stretch Mark Cream. It's also infused with collagen, which strengthens your tissues to withstand stretching.

    With NUTRISILK MOISTURE to help minimize, prevent and fade unsightly stretch marks.

What's different about MORRISON?

1. Collagen-infused, which firms and rejuvenate the skin

2. Formulated with nutria ill moisture to minimize, prevent and fad stretch marks

3. Paragon-free. Absolutely no nasty chemicals on your skin! 


Live, love, laugh,
Beth ;)

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