Monday, April 11, 2016

BDJ Women's Summit: Women Helping Women

First off, Happy 10 years BDJ! In celebration of their 10th year, BDJ continues its pursuit to empower more Filipinas by giving the added push to live life to the fullest. I'm inviting everyone to join the BDJ team on April 16 together with the distinguished advocates and change makers in engaging discussions toward current issues faced by women today at the BDJ Women's Summit at the SM Aura, Samsung Hall!

Your actions matter, no matter how big or small it because YOU ARE THE CHANGE.

Reasons why you should be part of this CHANGE:

  • Meet new people who share your passion
  • Understand the meaning of your work and motivate yourself to achieve your goal
  • Draw inspiration from other women's success stories and learn from their dedication and perseverance

What to Expect:

  • Money Talk: Money doesn't grow in trees. Achieving financial freedom is challenging but not impossible.
  • Be the Alpha Female: Unleash the inner leader in you. Leadership comes in many forms with many styles and diverse qualities.
  • A Legacy in the Making: Leave a legacy, make your mark in the world, start today!
  • Smart Mouth: Think fast and talk smart could come hand in hand! Be street smart! Educate yourself now and empower yourself later.

The Women on top of the Ladder:

  • Ana Santos - international award-winning journalist, advocate of Reproductive Health, gender equality and issues concerning population and development.
  • Risa Hontiveros - seasoned journalist, politician, champion for women's rights, health, peace and empowerment.
  • Myrna Padilla - OFW turned entrepreneur
  • Salve Duplito - financial guru, award-winning print and broadcast journalist
  • Leni Robredo - leader of movements against poverty reduction
  • Myrza Sison - Editorial Director of Summit Media, beauty and brains
  • Susan Afan - Managing Director of ABS CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation
  • Jen Santos - General Manager of organic store: G Stuff
Something happens when we pull ourselves together, when we see and experience what we can contribute, then we start to make choices we didn’t know we had.

The BDJ Women’s Summit will be a highly interactive and experiential day. But more than the impressive line-up of guests, this will be ALL ABOUT YOU – this will give you a glimpse on what YOU, as an individual and WE as a community, can do for our society, also experience powerful practices, hear personal stories and learn about inspiring initiatives that can help pull ourselves together as never before - individually and collectively.

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