Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beverly Hills Polo Club Backpack

My precious all-in-one shoulder bag from Kimbel is suffering from overloading and it’s all worn-out.  I knew in my heart that I had to let it go, that I am badly in need of a backpack – you know – to keep up with work and babe all at the same time. What I’m looking for in a bag is the durability and versatility without compromising comfort and style. Good thing we visited SM Baguio and that it was Women Wednesday and that it’s on sale! A 50% off kind of sale!
The original Beverly Hills Polo Club was founded in the early 20th century and took a leading role in the sport through-out America with many famous players. Today Beverly Hills Polo Club is one of the leading brands in the United States.
Their distinctive trademark is instantly recognizable featuring the trademarked polo horse and rider logo, one of the most widely recognizable icons in the world.

Original retail price is Php1399.75 with a discount off, this Beverly Hills Polo Club backpack is a steal!
It has a secret compartment inside. Has extra lock.
Has double stitch on the most vulnerable part and has a gap for extra comfort.
Bright pink makes me giggle! Talk about being a girly girl that I am, I imagine myself doing my round of site inspection with this on my back.
I think we will have a very long time together.

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