Thursday, October 04, 2012

Photo Blog #5 just because...

Just because I wanna, so I gonna! :)
Here's a shot of my mini-gift + letter to my mom's bible student; Helen.
I honestly think that I'm taking away my mom from her, because will be going back to Manila and hence she won't be visiting her anymore, so aside from giving her my personalized copy of The Bible, I gave her some things that I love. <3
Just because it's his first time!
Ooooh, babe's milestone! He can now turn on his side! Yay!
(now, I know how it feels when your babe is learning simple things! :D)
See how I got to be a dovetailing mama?
So, don't forget to drop by my blogspot site here
and join my first ever giveaway! :D


  1. Aww lovely photos!

  2. Been seeing so many giveaways. Good for you! :) A lot of them specially girls like you will be very happy then. :)


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