Monday, December 21, 2015

‘White Supremacy’: Millennials spearheading the white coffee revolution

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With most coffee drinkers these days being part of the millennial generation, it comes as no surprise that their taste preference has influenced the way instant coffee is made.
Today’s generation of coffee drinkers is known to be more used to pairing their cups of coffee with cream and sugar instead of just drinking it black and bitter like people some decades ago. Coupled with the fact that they frequent coffeehouses for the social atmosphere and the intricate caffeinated drinks served there, it’s no surprise that coffee brands have also stepped up their game as of late.
With competition becoming most of these brands’ priorities, certain blends have come to taste less authentic than they should—a good example of which is white coffee.
This is where Luwak White Koffie comes in.
 Luwak White Koffie: The Coffee Game Changer KL2
The Indonesian instant blend, Luwak White Koffie, stands out from the rest of the competition as it offers drinkers a more authentic take on white coffee.
“Luwak White Koffie is not sweet coffee. It’s coffee that happens to be sweet,” says JerbieOng, President of Reddimart Multi-Resources Inc., the official distributor of Luwak White Koffie in the Philippines.
Rather than changing the formula for white coffee completely, Luwak White Koffie simply tweaked it to make the drinking experience a lot more fulfilling and a lot more memorable. While keeping the creaminess associated with white coffee, the brand—more importantly—keeps the rich, otherwise bitter, flavor of good authentic coffee.
 New take on an old favorite
White coffee, while anything but new, has only just become a popular drink among the younger generation. As most variations of it entail a creamy experience, it’s no wonder it’s become an instant hit with them. This blend offers drinkers a coffee experience that is supposed to limit the usual caffeine rush to a nice buzz that will keep you awake and alert all throughout the day without feeling jittery. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case these days.
Currently, when we talk about white coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is cream, with sugar coming in second—which isn’t far off from what it actually is. But coffee is rarely in the conversation, because most of the blends currently available to consumers nowadays focus more on the milky flavor of it rather than the authentic coffee flavor, often tasting like a mug of warm milk with a hint of coffee. This can prove to be disappointing as these blends, more often than not, fail to satisfy drinkers the fulfilling coffee experience they crave for to get them going through the rest of the day.
This is why Luwak White Koffie is changing the coffee game for the better. It offers drinkers the milder taste of black coffee with its cream-to-sugar-to-coffee ratio. With the Indonesian instant coffee mix’s more authentic take on white coffee, drinkers will have a more fulfilling coffee experience. It’s the perfect coffee for Millennials who want to relax with a good book in one hand and a steaming cup of joe in the other.
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