Saturday, December 26, 2015

Top 3 Child-Friendly Restaurants

There are three kinds of restaurants out there. The restaurants, the hate-children restaurants, and the child-friendly restaurants. As obvious as it is, I'll be sharing my top 3 child-friendly restaurants! First off, we are located inside Makati near the borderline of Taguig, Pasig and Mandaluyong, so all of the restaurants that I will feature in this segment would be located near or inside these areas. I also think that we should be aware of restaurants policies when it comes to children, because believe it or not, there are unfriendly to kids restaurants out there!
Before writing down my Top 3 favorites, I'm curious to know on how you can tell if it's child-friendly or not. Looks can be deceiving, but how do I know if the restaurants are child-friendly? Here are some of my must-see:
  • Pro-breastfeeding.
  • High chairs are visible.
  • Powder/Comfort room have diaper changing table.
  • Wash area have lower lavatory for kids.
  • Designated playing area are visible.
  • Menu includes meals for children.
Moving on here are my Top 3 Child-Friendly Restaurants in no particular order:
Simply because "Kids Eat Free Every Weekends" – little Mexicans aged 10 and below can choose one free kid’s meal with purchase of each regular menu item.
Aside from their seasonal menus and Kid's meals, they also five kids coloring pages, activity sheets and crayons to keep them busy while waiting for the orders to come. Plus, they decorative walls would surely keep their eyes and imagination full.
Family deals, monsters meal. What's more is that they give Do-It-Yourself sticker pizza, and a Captain Shakeys Arcade Toy Capture Machine. Family fun, indeed!
There you go! My Top 3 Child-Friendly restaurants will grow to 10! So watch out for that! If you have more clues on knowing whether a restau is child-friendly or not, hit the comment section below... Now, if you want to find more restaurants near you, or if you
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