Friday, July 18, 2014

ELIZABETH: Picnic Themed Prenup (What to Bring?)

First of, you gotta think of a theme. This post is about all the things you gotta bring when, like me, you finally decided to do it outdoors - picnic, garden, park, whatever you call it. I decided to do it outdoor because I want to use natural light - the sun. Not the fake lights inside an air-conditioned no-sweat studio- where's the fun in that?

Mind you, this location aside from the A-mazing natural light means (these are the cons) we have to deal with the perfect weather, we needed to come back because the first time we've been here, it's drizzling.The picture below which is the second time - was scorching hot! Slap on that sunblock, honey!

Can you imagine myself smiling while inside I'm squirming because my dress' is too thick, lacey-itchy and sticks to my skin? No problemo, I used  Dove Underarm roll on, my sweat smells divine!

Tip: Under that wedding dress is my Converse. Do not attempt to run in heels when you're on hills. (hey, it rhymes!)
Another tip: This converse also walked down the stairs.
If you choose to add stairs on your red carpet moment, Converse is your comfort.

The grass is so deliciously green and the soil, well, yeah, some went under our toenails but no matter, I painted it anyways. So yeah, there's the cons and pros. I just state it here because I still choose to step on soil and get a little sweaty and a little dirty and have awesome photos and not complain about it because I know what to expect. So choose your location and theme wisely, brides. :)

This is one of my DIY props! hehe :)
-1 balloon stick snapped in two to make my cartonlina-art stand. Letterings here are made of good 'ole crayola and pentel pens lying on my desk somewhere...

This is also my DIY props, our most awaited date!
straws + cartolina + creativity = Art, personalized art that is. :)

And this are the props that we brought:
picnic mat
Teddy bear- 4th anniversary gift from my hubby when we're still bf and gf
picnic basket
tea cup
my handbag from kimbel
sparkle wine and champagne
wine glass
chocolate pie
apple and orange fruit
french bread
plate (2 sets)
spoon, fork and knife (2 sets)
black brim hat for my hubby
straw hat for me

we also bring styro with this message..

Live, Love, Laugh,

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