Saturday, November 05, 2011

INEX Health Beauty & Infrared Heat Massager

Toxic lifestyle nowadays causes body pain and fatigue, and a massage is always the perfect way to loosen up! And since not everyone have the luxury (money and time) to have a regular spa date, a handy home massager is the best solution!

Good thing massager is easy to find and quite affordable and of different forms! INEX Health is offering a multitask Beauty & Infrared Heat Massager... :)
The box includes the body and seven (7) different head attachments that serves different functions.
Infrared Heat Massager
Soothing massage and heat enhance blood circulation to relieve stress on muscles. This massager can be use in any part of the body like the upper and lower back and behind the legs and thighs. :)
Body Massager
Gentle massage for sensitive areas near neck and inner arms. The convex shape produces concentrated penetrating suction that reverse the effect of strained tissues of the muscles.
All-Purpose Massager
Gentle massage to relax and stimulate large muscle groups. This can be use in any part of the body including the lower extremities like legs, feet and thighs.
Scalp Massager
Soft finger-like scalp massager stimulates the scalp and massage for back of the neck. This could help in growing healthier and thicker hair.
Roller Massager
Since the neck area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the roller massager is best made to gently massage the neck area and is like a smaller version of the all-purpose massager above.

Lotion Massager
Instead of using bare fingers, lotion massager can help evenly apply cream or lotion while delicately massaging the muscles of the face. This is also perfect after putting facial mask to massage the face before having your beauty rest. :P

Acupoint Massager
Acupuncture was a technique derived from traditional chinese medicine that usually apply acupressure to acupuncture points that spot massage on muscles to relieve stress.
The body has a sleek handle for easier use, not that heavy and the cords are long enough. :)
I suggest not to throw away the box, because its the safest, most organized place it could be.

This massager is quiet with strong motor, it also have high and low massage settings for flexible superior experience! It's easy to clean, just use a damp cloth without the use of any strong chemical cleaner. No hassle!

Thanks Ms. Beth for the photos! :D

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