Sunday, October 18, 2015

Twice a Week Skincare Routine

Remember my #IDoItTwiceAWeek entry for Betadine Feminine Wash? In line with that, I will share to you today how I do these things. I do this twice a week but not religiously, especially on occasions when a kid got the fever or a deadline is on due. But since it's a stormy weather outside and everyone is feeling a little cozier. I always take this opportunities to glam myself a bit and make my skin smoother! I mean, you know, it's all gray and cold outside but at least I feel fab!
This is Cure Natural Aqua Gel - Japan's No. 1 Best-Selling Skincare product - 1bottle sold every 12seconds in Japan! This is an exfoliator based not with chemicals, but water. Yes, even the most sensitive skin can use this as it is scentless and is made from the natural plant extracts of rosemary, gingko and aloe vera.
This water based cleanser is perfectly partnered with this.
Please excuse my fabulous undereye bags that reveals my worth-it sleepless nights with my bebes.
My face right after gentle scrubbing. It really delivers on removing dead skin cells and leaving skin soft and supple. After exfoliating, I wash my face with either of this Human Heart Nature, gently again.
And then, I slapped on a mask. Any facial mask will do. This time, I'd use this 
Green Tea Fresh Essence Mask from Aritaum - still hot from South Korea. You can look for mask that fits your problem. Lemon for acne-prone, Aloe Vera for moisturizing and in my case Green Tea for detox. There's a huge selection of facial masks out there and it's exciting to try this and that and enjoy the benefits of having healthier skin.
Moustache galore!
No, do not rinse after mask. Just massage your face with your clean fingers to make absorption better. And since I'm frugal, I put cotton on the foil to absorb the juices left in there and wipe on my neck, elbows, knees and knuckles of my fingers and toes. Seriously.
I badly need pampering lately, since this incident is still not solved. Update here.
Next thing I'll do? Cover myself with this 
No rains today. Just gusty winds, dark sky and black hole in my pocket.  On the bright side, my skin is happy and my babies are happy. BDJ Fair is postponed and I'll be posting BDJ Veterans Night hopefully today. Stay tuned.


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