Tuesday, October 27, 2015

BDJ Veterans Night 2015

First off, thank you #BDJTeam! Like I always say, these girls worked with grace under pressure. They're like the faithful soldier ants for the Queens (Ma'am Dar and Ma'am Ems). hihi
I singalong with my boys in my #Beautyqueeninme Entry here.
Hear me sing an acapella song on my #PinkSugarPh Entry here.
"Who says? Who says you're not perfect? Who says you're not worth it?"
Photo by Bella Mary Grace Aragon
Yours truly at the #BDJVeterans night.
10 amazing years! I have a lot of first times with Belle de Jour Power Planner and as a tribute to it's ten years, here are some of it-
Fasten your seatbelt. The flying delorean will take us back to the future!
With my sister Beth, and cousin Ate Zhai who introduced us to this wonderful circle of empowered women. Thank you Ate Zhai for sharing me everything - tips, sermons and this (BDJ Family).
The first BDJ Fair was in 2008, but my first #BDJFair was in 2010 at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill.
First Bungee Jump
My first tattoo - Glitter Tattoo that is.
My First BDJ Rendevous - I Dream, Therefore I Can!at ACE Water Spa, Pasig City
BDj Rendezvous - Break Free @The Ramp Crossings, Glorrietta 3
Take Flight: The Belle de Jour 2012 Launch. This is when I join the BDJ Scavenger Hunt. I ran here and there to complete tasks with my 2month baby Clyde inside me.
I'm on stage accepting my DC raffle prize. Hihi
Yup, the 2-month bub is now an infant babe.
BDJ Fair 2012 - Launch of BDJ Power Planner 2013
First ever BDJ Box Social 2013
BDJ Rendezvous: From Fear to Fierce 2013
BDJ Box @nd Social Event: Primp and Prettify
With PJ Lanot! <3
BDJ Rendezvous: Work Your Way to the Top
bdj veterans sparty 098
bdj veterans sparty 082 bdj veterans sparty 105 bdj veterans sparty 092 bdj veterans sparty 096
With my favorite blogger, Tara and BDJ Planner mastermind, Dar.
bdj veterans sparty 100
BDJ Veterans Sparty at Lulu Nails
Tindi maka hashtag #flashbackfriday and #throwbackThursday! I love my BDJ Family! <3 I actually blogged about this event, just searched it online, lalung hahaba ito pag-nilink ko pa lahat dito. :P
P.S. - I have 3 blogpost for the BDJ Veterans Sparty. Ganun siya ka-wild.
Moving on, heto na nga. This is what my table looks like before the event started.
Upon entering the hall, we checked our names on the registration booth and guess what? We have perks! Agad agad! Walang patumpik tumpik! Thank you Ms. Darlyn and Ms. Ems! And hindi basta basta lang, we get to have the first dibs on PinkSugarPh!
The Stage
We had a night of fun games, delicious buffet and we also get to create our Spark bookmarks!
@bdjbuzz trivia: the font? It's handwritten, baby! Kudos to the beautiful Bella behind this beautiful piece of art.
10 years, 10 new products!
Congratulations Ms. Darlyn, Ms. Ems and Belle de Jour Power Planner for 10 successful years of empowering women! #bdjat10 #bdjbuzz
yep, that's baby number 2!
See you this Sunday at the #BDJFair2015 and#ShareTheSpark with the #BDJBeautyMinistry and#BDJVeterans!


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