Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blogapalooza: All About The Panda, FOODPANDA

I love pandas! Aside from the fact that he's Asian, he's white, he's black, he is chubby too! Talk about having NO favoritism! Just like for food, who says I have favorites? As long as it's edible, it's good! Let's do some Math! Let's add one of the things I love about China (Panda) and my favorite hobby (eating), what do you get? Foodpanda!!!
Foodpanda? If you haven't got a clue yet, this kind of panda is a master of art, the art of eating! It is the leading global online food ordering marketplace that lets their hungry customers conveniently discover what is edible-available out there and directly order their cravings online or via smartphones. See? Another reason why phones aren't just swag, they're a necessity nowadays, but that's another story.
Moving on, Foodpanda was founded in may 2002 at the always-hungry-but-too-busy-to-eat-out-or-cook headquarter in Berlin, Germany and has operated in more than 40 countries across the 5 continents. Oh, this panda is busy conquering the world! Locally, Foodpanda here in the Philippines is still a cub. Launched last June 2014, the hungry cub of a panda grown to over 1000 restaurants nationwide! Foodpanda is part of the German group called Rocket Internet - a platform that identifies and builds internet business models such as Lazada and Zalora. This panda is not just a foodie, but a techy too!
How does it work? Search. Choose. Pay. Enjoy!
Hungry customers simply need to download the foodpanda app from the App Store or Google Play. Or if you don't have enough space on your smartphones, just log on to, enter your location and select the restaurant that serves your cravings! Once you finalize your order and the transaction is completed, foodpanda sends the order information to the restaurant, and upon confirmation of the merchant, notifies the customer that the order is on its way- to your belly. Foodpanda is recently colonized Cebu aside from major cities in the metro including Las Pinas, Makati, Mandaluyong, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Rizal and Taguig. It's arms are ready to expand its service to deliver good food fast and fresh to more hungry pinoys!
Feeling Japanese? Get the chopsticks ready as the foodpanda offers a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from American, Asian, Filipino, Greek, Mexican and Middle Eastern among others while making sure that the best restaurants and food brands out there didn't miss to hop on board!
Why not like, but LOVE the Foodpanda? Restaurant partners are able to reach more customers with the help of this generous Foodpanda's delivery service and online visibility.
Did I mention that this panda is not just a foodie, but a techy too! Follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!


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