Friday, October 30, 2015


Melancholic? As if the world is pinning you down with the elephants' trunks honking on your poor, poor ears?
Trapped in Mr. Rabbit's hole without the chance of eating the make-you-giant cake because duh... Alice already ate it, and where in the first place did your hands got the glass bottle with a paper label that says "Drink Me", without even thinking that that exact glass bottle with a paper label that says " Drink Me" is indeed the bottle that shrunken the very curious, very famous Alice?
Does it feel like the universe plan a coup just to make your life extra crispy hot, it burns, it bleeds? Don't be absurd, unless you're one of the Baudelaire orphans. Don't be a Baudelaire, you're not even your village victors and I know you don't want to be a tribute, not if you do not want a death wish.
You're not even the animagus Pe-Peter Pe-Pettigrew, who pretended to be a Wesley's pet rat, Scabber for 12 years, for crying out loud! 12 years, just to hide the fact that he is a death eater! Bummer, Maurader's friendship, to think that the maurader's map is one awe-mazing labyrinth!
Although I agree when Lemony Snicket decided to conclude that the world is indeed a bad, bad place, we have to pick ourselves up like a dandy clubhouse with a toothpick for support. Let us all Be like Phil of the Lucky Smell Lumber Mill, more like misery Mill, I dare say! Phil, who always look into the brighter side of life. Why Phil? Gum for lunch, and still thankful. Works in Sir's lumber mill who only pays food stamp for salary, "at least I'm paid" he said. A hypnotic Klaus accidentally cut his leg off, "at least, I'm still alive." he said.  I think he even think he is lucky, because now he can wear his boots half the time he used to be.
That's it for fancy-dandy. In reality?
"I heard you're doing okay, but I want you to know... I'm addict, still addicted to you..."
"One last cry, one last cry.. Before I leave it all behind..."
The music, the alcohol and leaving the premises in the wee hours of the night. Guess where you'll end? Not in his/her arms but in the hospital. And if you're lucky (like Phil) to be good enough, in San Pedro's gate (as some believed) and not continue your life's drama in burning heart-breaking hell.
You're not sure if you're good enough? Of course, you're not sure if you're good enough. You can continue the drama, but paired it with Sosro Fruit Tea!
Yes, you can drink and drive with Sosro Fruit Tea. (Just make sure the cap's on when you press hard on the gas pedal. Sayang kapag natapon, every drop count!
#ChooseyourBottles with Sosro Fruit Tea!
A new kind of chill in four refreshing flavors
With its set of interesting flavors livened up by a refreshing tea kick, this Indonesian favorite invites the young blood to #ChooseYourBottles and to chill out. Today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world can easily drown us with stress and distractions but it’s definitely easier to keep one’s cool and to take a quick time off with a refreshing drink in hand. Adopting its mantra from the millennial-apt adage “Choose your battles,” Sosro Fruit Tea allows everyone to #ChooseYourBottles from its distinct tea-infused flavors Freeze, apple, guava, and strawberry. Pick the perfect bottle that suits your current state of mind and get to chill in no time.
"I'm not the you needed, I love you... goodbye." Sabay bukas ng Sosro Fruit Tea!
Just remember what Jack-Sparrow Johnny Depp once said "The problem is not the problem. It is your attitude towards the problem."
*All photos from Sosro Fruit Tea.


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