Wednesday, August 01, 2012

BC Blogger Meme: A Day In My Not So Boring Life

Embrace yourself for a quite long introduction...

Why? I had to, because I thought you need to know how I ended up on my recent daily routine. Please bear with me, hehe Here goes...

My husband and I used to work at home and when I was not yet pregnant, we either used to go out all day to inspect construction sites and have meetings with clients, architects and consultants. Or. We used to wake up, buy our breakfast, sometimes skip it, face our laptops not bothering each other until our seats gets hot or until the tummies growl that it's lunch time. I dont usually cook so we eat outside on our kitchen extension aka Chowking, good thing KFC opened up! :D Go home, work again, eat our dinner out. Or. Stay on our extended office aka Starbucks, Market Market or Coffee Bean, Serendra.  Go home and try to work again until were worn out and sleep at around one in the morning... again and again... and again... We were so workaholics that our lifestyle worn us out too we decided to have a babe. :)

When I was pregnant, I eat and sleep and sometimes when I'm on it, I still design and squeeze blogging. But most of the time, I'm in bed sleeping... dreaming... dozing off...  I just push myself to get up just to eat or pee or meet the doctors; OB-Gyne, Cardiologist, Hematologist.

The babe is out and we are still in transition.
Keeping a newborn is hard to master! My 'daily routine' is erratic! Like in Algebra, it will never be constant again but an integer, an unknown value of x. How to take care of new-born baby? First week, we were sleepless. Second week, hubby returned to work and I'm still, I mean were still sleep deprived! Third week, I'm getting the hang of it without sleep.

Babe now is 5kgs and more than two feet long...
He just turned two months last 26 and all I do all day is to breastfeed, burp, change diaper while squeezing blog and precious sleep. Yes, now I have new love for sleep!!! Mind you, i need to feed him every two hours for twenty-four hours! Do the math!!!

Here's the mixed summary of my 24hours:

I woke up and check my babe.
Check his diaper from time to time.
Give him a bath, his vitamins.
Feed him again, lull him to sleep.
he wants to be cuddled than stay on his crib.. so dancing him to sleep is one of my 5minute workout!
(Squeeze blogging, cleaning, errands here. Actually, whenever he's asleep I do all the necessary things I could possibly do, before he cry for milk or wet diaper)
Some play time. Feed. Change diaper. Sleep. Tummy time.
Again and again and again. :)

Nope. Not complaining but did you get my current daily routine? I'm still sleepless but I always remind myself that
(When you're a mom, there's no log-out, no pause, no stop, no day-off, no salary and most of all you can't resign, because being a mom is a great profession and a life long contract)

and hey! newborn grow fast, in no time, precious sleep would be mine! LOL And honestly,
I wanna enjoy him being delicate, cute and small.
Change is inevitable, but instead of looking back in the past, I wanna embrace the future slowly.For now, I just want to take our time. Cherishing every moment. <3 <3 <3

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  1. I had that life before when sleep was a faraway dream. But now that my kids are bigger (4 and 6), it's not that too hard to achieve. Starting 1.5 yrs. old, some kids can sleep all through the night already.
    You're doing it right. Just keep enjoying every single moment of his baby ness. Coz they grow up too fast. :)
    Congratulations new mommy!

  2. this is a good thing about construction projects or if you are the contractor no fixed work time but it just continuous to go on. i guess being a mom is a full time job. i hope i get to be one too.

  3. You are right, babies grow so fast you just have to enjoy every moment with them. Don't worry though, soon enough, the baby's gonna sleep through the night and you can get sufficient beauty sleep. :) A girly girl needs to stay pretty you know, even if she thinks she's one of the boys! haha. :D

  4. Congrats! You've just passed "The New Mommy Initiation Rites" :)...I miss having a kids are BIG now...but, yup, babies really take a lot of your time, your whole 24 hours. But these will be the best 24 hours of your life. Visiting from the meme :)

  5. oh, cherish those moments. before you know it, your little one is not so little anymore! :D

  6. Congrads on your new baby. It will get better and you will have a more regular time schedule soon. I'm glad the 24 feeding days have passed for me.

  7. Mas mahirap na pag naglalakad. haha!
    But they're so cute anyway so it's all worth it.
    Congrats, sis!

  8. It's like a 360 degree turn when the baby arrived! I keep on hearing this one to some mothers. They say, "Don't blink, because children grow so fast." :) And do take photos everyday! hihi :)

  9. My

    I also have a new babe, but she is five months old now. I still breastfeed her every two hours. My eldest daughter could sleep by her own since she was born, but this li'l babe wants to be cuddled and swayed. No babies are indeed a like.

    Welcome to momhood :) Btw are you an engineer?

    1. thank you sis :)
      yup, pareho po kmi ni hubby licensed civil engr :)

  10. congrats for having a new baby and being a new mom...
    alam mo, reading mommy stuff like this made me geared up when the time comes that i will be a mommy

  11. congratulations on your new baby.
    Taking care of this innocent being really consumes a lotof your time. I still remember when our little Matt is still on its few months, 24 hours a day is really not enough.

    -daddy allan (visit from BC Blogger)

  12. Congratulations on the little angel! Newborn phase will actually fly so fast, enjoooy it while it lasts.:)

  13. thanks for sharing your day! and your typical day is totally full, congrats on your first born and hope you get to sleep soon...

  14. congrats to your new baby, the baby is surely have your attention from time to time..

    Mine is up at

    see you around...

  15. your baby is so cute!!! i miss the newborn scent

  16. congrats to your new baby! I really enjoy babies than kids. They are so innocent and a mother's cuddle can stop their waning.


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