Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tips for Parents Hiring a Nanny

In our fast-paced lifestyle, whether you are a freelancer, business owner or in a corporate world, some parents really need extra hands to keep things in order and on this case, to keep the children safe and well taken care of, so that you could do more of the stuff that would bring money in the house, or you could finally slip in to your PJs and snooze away that extra sleep you are daydreaming about the entire week.
Whatever reasons you have, looking for a set of extra hands is quite unnerving specially when it comes to finding the right person for the children. The mere thought of leaving your family to a virtual stranger can be very daunting and overwhelming and yes, finding a nanny is like finding a Significant Other – it will take time, effort and a lot of dating (if you consider interviews as such) and you’ll know you have finally found the one and hopefully your forever when your hearts beat as one, in this case, her perspective to what is to happen (including the arrangements or the process of how things will go) is aligned to yours. Relax, take a deep breath and learn the basics when interviewing a potential nanny for your home.
Break the Ice. Tell her about your family. Who she will be taking care of. How you what to get things done. The everyday must-do and the no-nos. Personally, it is to your advantage to make them feel like they are family members too. Your trust to the nanny and her (nanny’s) real personal interest to the children will sprout from this.
Ask about her background. Aside from valid IDs, Police Clearance and Birth Certificate, and other significant official documents, you also need to learn about her background – her family, her educational attainment and religious belief. This way you could assess whether your family values will fit with her smoothly.
The Payroll. No matter how you want to pay your nanny, you have to let her know right away. You should also consider whether or not you will provide her necessities like food, cable, internet connection, phone and other utilities and personal hygiene products. Be clear if it’s ok or not with you to have her visitors visit and stay overnight. Will you provide her a separate space, will you let her use your appliances like washing machine, iron, refrigerator, pool, and bathtub? Do you have house curfew and also, don’t forget to talk about her benefits including her day offs, whether she wants to have one flexible day or fixed? Also discuss the limits of cash advances.
Stay Safe. Trusting someone is a huge sacrifice and being trusted is a great responsibility. But just to make sure, you have to secure your children’s safety. If possible, install a CCTV camera on your home. To tell the nanny about it is up to you of course, but knowing that she can be seen always will make a huge difference. Can’t afford? If your children are big enough to understand, talk to them privately about their stay with the nanny while you are away or just like what I said earlier, ask for a police clearance, or quietly do a criminal record check. If you are still too skeptical about it, ditch the blind date and go to a reliable nanny agency! That way, you won’t hope the odds be in your favor, it will surely do!
Established in 1989, Nannies Incorporated offers extra hands for families seeking help of a nanny – maternity nurse, house nanny, governess. They have office in London, Paris and Dubai but their services are worldwide. Their mission? To make you confident that your child is in safe hands.
Check Nannies Incorporated Official Website:
Just remember, having nannies are more than hiring services, they deserved to be treated as family members because they give care and comfort to our very own children and family members in times of our needs like sickness and they’ll be there to witness your family’s special occasions, too. They will take care of your family (assistance) to take care of their own family (financially), too.


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