Monday, June 27, 2016

My baby's photo album

Baby grows so fast. For me, keeping your baby's photo is soooo important. You can open the photo album reminscing the moments with your baby. Smiling and laughing at the pictures. Realizing how cute and adorable your baby is! So, I bought a Baby photo album, get the pictures from my ultrasound and cut it out, I printed the photos from my mobile cellphone and guess what? I also put our first family picture, when he's still in my tummy! I also include the picture when we arrived at the Hospital and my remembrance when I'm lying down, waiting for me to pop! 

I arranged the photos accordingly. From our first family photo, when he's still in my tummy. When we arrived at the Hospital and when I'm lying down, waiting for my baby to come out. I really didn't forget to take a picture even though I'm in pain! Haha! (Sabi ko, kailangan ko to' sa album ni baby)  

I'm not yet done in my baby's album. My baby is 9 months only and I have a lots and lots of photos to print and to take. So, make a time for this and you'll love doing and arranging too!


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