Wednesday, June 01, 2016

BLOGAPALOOZA HORIZONS: Charting the Uncharted

Blogapalooza was held at Prosperity Hall, Elements, Eton Centris last May 21, and was hosted by Ms. Vannah Pacis. The event was successful with the help of organizers and sponsors and of course with the ever supportive, super competitive bloggers! :P

#JamielElizabethPH - Girly Mom Raising Boys!

The boys - my ever-supportive hubby and baby Jamiel!

Christian Bautista representing Blue Water Spa. 

 Arla Cheesy Spread

Arla Milk Goodness

 I won a GC from Victoria Court's puzzle game!

Vita Coco - Pure Coconut Water offered unlimited refreshments

Skin Station

Cocio #nothingbut

Goldstack Potato Chips - Honey. Buttered. Three times ako nag-attempt dito pero hindi ko pa rin nakaya. Hehe  I had fun pumping balloons!

Empire East. The Condominions are so cute!

Small number of booths means more time to make chikas with the brands, not to mention attempt to get a GoldStack. Mind you, I tried it for three times! Thank you Blogapalooza for this fun-filled event. Stay tuned for my separate post regarding the brands I stumble upon and fell-in-love with the first time!


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