Thursday, June 16, 2016

Preparing for the Hospital

Start packing about two weeks before your due date to make sure you're ready for baby's big arrival. Here are some suggestions on what to bring with you.


For you:
-2 front opening nightdresses for breastfeeding
-A few pairs of comfortable underwear 
-Heavy duty sanitary pads
-A shawl or dressing gown
-Slippers or flip flops
-Breast pads & nursing bras
-A feeding cover (if you are expecting visitors)
-Your phone and charger
-Toiletries and cosmetics
-Lip balm
-Comfortable outfit to wear home
-Body lotion or massage oil
-Hospital files/notes
-Birth plan (if you have one)

For your baby:
-3 full-body onesies that fasten up the front
- Socks, mittens, and hat
-Going-home outfit, including a hat and blanket
-Baby wipes 
-About 20-30 diapers made especially for newborns like Pampers Premium Care to give your baby 5 Star Skin Protection

For your husband:
-His phone and charger
-A change of clothing & toiletries
-Camera and charger

    Me with my hubby, while waiting for the elevator. I'm nervous but soooo excited to see my baby! :)


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