Friday, August 10, 2012

MUSIC: Maroon 5's Payphone

Heard this song for quite awhile now, and I'm LSS all the time. I think the rhythm got me! And I wanna share them to you too! Here is the official music video I got from Youtube.

of course, to appreciate the song better, you should know the right lyrics! So below is the video lyrics of Payphone that I also got from Youtube! :)

and one more thing to share is a cover that I pegged as the best! :P

The guy is so cute and the voice makes me melt! *Oozed
Did you enjoy this song too?


  1. heard this song on the radio, Payphone pala title nito.. nice song indeed. :)

  2. I'm a fan of Maroon 5 so I better listen to this one.

  3. I just download this song on my xperia U :) BTW ^^. I would love you to visit my blog “ miss JHENZ “ Have a great week ahead!

  4. i love this song too..the video just didn't make sense to me. but this has been my LSS for a couple of months


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