Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Food Trip: Taho Boy

Taho reminds me of my childhood. I used to run out of our house in Comembo whenever I hear Manong Taho's shouts echoing along our street. It reminds me of beautiful hot mornings, full of promises and sweats and sweets and play outdoors.
My 2months pregnant self during our trip to Bacolod. :)
Taho reminds me of my recent pregnancy. I used to shout back "dito! (here!)" and open the door to Mang Jason, our suki with my humongous cups for our original and sometimes strawberry flavored tahos. It reminds me of movie marathons, fog and rain, and hot gossips and whatnots during my stay in San Antonio.
Its been a year since my last cup and one recent afternoon, I crave for one. Called Papa and he returned with not just one but two tumblers of hot taho! :) can you imagine my excitement? I feel nostalgic and it seems like a déjà vu.
These cups are not the typical original arnibal or strawberry flavored tahos, these are high-end, these are almond flavored!
It's quite different to the taste as I'm not used on bland flavors of nuts in my cup - I'm used to rich sugary sweet - and of course, it's a good change. A good change I may say, as it's the healthier choice compare to chocolate or buko pandan, and it helps me realise that I'm doing a fitter choice when it comes to food.
Can't wait to create more memories!


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