Monday, March 10, 2014


MET TATHIONE(Glutathione) from Japan

I love the packaging! :)

Here's everything we need to know about the "New, Enhanced MET Tathione".

MET is the pioneering brand of glutathione whitening supplement in the Philippines. MET is very safe and has no side effects, and is completely sourced and manufactured in Japan under stringent quality control. It's main ingredient is Glutathione, a protein composed of three amino acids:

-cystine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is known as the "master anti-oxidant" and is used to prevent oxidative stress in cells. Glutathione is also a very effective skin whitening agent that works by impeding the body's melanin production, the substance that gives the skin its color or pigmentation. 

The New Improved MET now contains a new patented ingredient from France called Algatruim, to make MET(glutathione) more effective than the previous formulation. Algatruim like Glutathione, is also an anti-oxidant that reduces melanin production to avoid age spots. It also helps generate Glutathione which impedes melanin creation process, and promotes whitening.

That means MET now has two potent ingredients working in synergy, giving us a more effective skin whitening product!

unboxing my first MET.. 

here are the capsules..It's like a small cute egg :)

Glutathione is also important for a healthy liver. And as the body's "master antioxidant", glutathione strengthens the immune system, delays ageing, boost sexual potency, prevents skin allergies and stress-related, decreases the production of melanin to whiten skin. :)

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