Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shirley May Fragrances

I've been meaning to buy new scents for summer because I wanna make this season memorable and to make that happen, a special scent is indeed needed. I was eyeing the Love Signature from Penshoppe which is around Php500.00 but fortunately, I bumped into a crazy sale at the department store of market market! A buy one take one deal nonetheless!
What I got?
imageShirley May fragrances!
This is my first time to hear and try fragrances from Shirley May and as fortunate as it can be, the Shirley May's Water Drops smell like Penshoppe's Love Signature! OMG! I intended to buy two 50ml of the same scent until I smell Starlet - that made me take one of each! ;)
Water Drops hits that soft young spot in my heart, it reminds me of my high school days as it smells just like Hearts by Avon (which is the sole reason why I'm eyeing the love signature at the first place) - that sadly has been discontinued. Water drops smells of freedom, carefree life, and full of adventure kind of forever.
Starlet on the other hand reminds me of bright lights and slowmo heart drumming music with electric eye connection to that somebody on the dance floor or a conservative private dinner date with holding hands in between a thornless red rose. It's sweet and romantic for a more intimate moment. Hello couple's summer retreat!
The bottles are made of thick glass, shaped like long gowns, with caps made of cheap plastic - which is forgivable as I don't really mind throwing the caps off to fit this to my purse. Cute and girly, these affordable fragrances were only Php398.00! It's a steal!


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