Saturday, March 01, 2014

ELIZABETH: Innex Health - Slimming Belt

Spiral Vibration Slimming Belt by INEX HEALTH

  • This product is designed to provide better health and comfort for the user. It is based on the sense and reflex system of the human body to respond in a positive way upon appropriate stimulation.
  • The design by means of spiral vibration massage enable more functional effects for choices.
  • Manual massage mode with five different scales of speed and intensity facilitate individual needs and requirements.
  • Pre-set massage program integrated different massage speed and intensity suitable for normal application requirement.
  • Well designed remote control for easy and simple operation.
  • At a touch of a button on the remote control, it automatically indicates the type of massage motion and the power on/off status.
  • A 10 minutes timer limits fix usage period for safety and reliability.

  • Enhance the burning process of the excessive body fat which helps to have a slimming body shape together with weight reduction. It would be more effective along with healthy food and simple normal life style.
  • The design for spiral vibration massage wway is equal to a basic exercise effect. It is therefore most useful for persons not able to find time to exercise.
  • The product could be used under any kind of environment yet it still gives you the joy and pleasure as if you are taking a massage at home for relaxation.
  • Spiral vibration massage can strengthen the digestion process whereby ejecting the toxic substance that remains in the body. It also promotes blood circulation endue freshness for the skin and let muscle restore elastic particularly for young people. 

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