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FOOD TRIP: Holy Cow! - Steak Ranch and American Grill

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was way beyond late, but heck, I'll post it anyway. Just pretend it's thursday and this is a throwback post (well, actually, it is!) We were to meet an architect from Cavite area - and we want to meet "half-way" so we decided to just do it *wink* inside Mall of Asia at around 5pm onwards with ma crew... and when I say "crew" I meant my officematesss a.k.a. family including

babe... (the rule is I go, he go! See how old this old blog post is? It literally slept on my draft  for like half a year!)
mom, Beth, sometimes with dad, my brotha driva Mia and whoever wanna go with us (this time it was Mike the first - our cousin!)

Hi Mike the first!
P.S. Mike the first - is our first cousin borned in the first month of the first day of the year 19++ (how redundant!) Jan Michael. Mike the second - is Beth's BF BFF James Michael B. A. (you'll see more of him here.) and Mike the third - is my cousin's BF Michael... :)

- because it's a trip to the mall as well - you know, hanging out, window shopping and strolling on a stroller...
After signing and dry-sealing the documents and plans... (our hands are like crying out for pain after carrying and doing all that for a papers and plans {that weighs like 10kgs or more!} and we smell of blueprint ammonia already!) we ended up giving our tummy its pleasure *insert evil wuhahaha laugh here*

What did we get? First of all, they have cute sets of cowboy-ish names for the menu. The menu offers starters and appetizers, soups and salads,  and pasta. They even have a separate menu for kids! ;)

LIL DUDES MEAL FEATURES (KIDDIE MEAL) Cowboy Burger n’ Chix Php170.00
A hefty snack to munch with our very own crunchy breaded fried chicken combined with our mini burgers filled with juicy patty and chunky veggie with an additional barbeque flavored fries for that snack overdose!
Mom got this - because she thought the Kiddie menu is in kiddie size. It was a joke! #killdiet #laughoutloud The yellow sauce that it comes with is a delight!

LUNCH AT THE RANCH  Beer Battered Rodeo Fish Fillet Php165.00
Crunchy fish fillet with a hint of spirituous taste of beer sans its alcoholic effect! Splattered with white creamy sauce served with garlic rice and buttered veggies. An awesome treat for all!
Dad gave in to this drunkard piece of a fish. :P Trivia just for fun, he wants it because it is covered in crunchy cornflake goodness! P.S. he is not much of a cornflakes fan. That milky white sauce is yum!

LUNCH AT THE RANCH Cowboy Ranch Style Burgersteak (Cook it yourself) Php165.00
Lush and juicy burger patty prosperously enwrapped with mushroom gravy sauce! Perfectly served with garlic rice and crunchy buttered veggies for that exquisite dining experience. We guarantee you its one of the best in the ranch!
The rest of the kiddos got this - "sizzling" burgersteak. Not so adventurous, IK! The plate is hot, but the steak is not sizzling...  Good because at least we skip scalding but not-so-good because - how will it sizzle if the gravy is in a separate pouring cup? Are we suppose to pour it in just to see it smoke away? The gravy is good by the way. Hot enough.

All LUNCH AT THE RANCH  is served with a 12 oz. of ice tea and sauces could be of either trio mushroom gravy or peppercorn gravy... We all had the mushroom!

The food was good. The buttered veggies are firm and well cooked. I like that they are offering bottomless soup and drinks and thank the heavens I skip adding a buck for it - 'coz it'll surely join my fat-clubs on my thighs! The java rice was okay but a bit "dry" to my liking. I like the "howdy" ambiance - very western, very cowboy! I just wish they had soft country music on the background just to mellow down the chat away and it will add a classy feel. #arte

Camwhoring time!
'Sup cows?


Mia Balong ken Elizabeth Bethchaque (Bet-tsak)!

Me unico iho ken unico iha. (Talk about spani-loko? Get it? #cornylang)

Wish I was living in this era... Are you futuristic or a fan of the past?

Fan of the past here.

Ha! Gotcha! #lowfive!

Is this candid or whut?
County Mushroom Soup
A very tasty creamy fresh mushroom soup paired with garlic French bread. An ideal, real cream of mushroom soup!

Ladies at the back are hitting my babe's cute toothless saliva rich smile and I was like chillin' with ma sippin'!

Badass Nursing in Public!

Can't stay put on my sit...

#Photos grab at here.
#Menu descriptions grab from Holy Cows!
Ohh, I almost forgot, they have like a mini bar near the kitchen but not really sure if they're serving cocktails, the website said they serve light beers. :P
Would you say HOLY COW! after Holy Cowing? I think babe did. hihi


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