Tuesday, July 02, 2013

FOOD TRIP: Moshi Koshi

In the world of Koshi, noodles resist human's hungry bite!
That's the introduction I read on the leaflet a Moshi Koshi guy gave me before we enter this newly opened noodle house at Market! Market! KOSHI is a japanese term for that sweet taste of a noodle - tender but not soggy, chewy, firm but not hard, with resistance to the bite! How to get koshi noodles? The secret is it should be freshly made inside the store!
Here is the quick guide when eating at Moshi Koshi!
Click the photo to enlarge. Photo via Moshi Koshi Facebook Page!

3 Types of Japan's Famous Noodles
Ramen.  Yellow noodles.
Udon. White, smooth wheat.
Soba. Buckwheat healthy noodles.

Different Kinds of Broth

Miso - originally from Hokkaido, this rich and hearty broth is made with fermented soybeans.

This is the interior of Moshi Koshi Market! Market! branch.

Sleek. Modern. Minimalist.

The Stars of Our Table
Shio Butter Corn Ramen (Php210.00)
Bento with Rice and Miso Soup
Chicken Teriyaki Bento (Php 240.00)
Donburi Gyudon Classic (Php190.00)
Donburi - Tendon (Php170.00)
Teishoku Ebi Tempura (Php205.00)

Instagrammed Moshi Koshi (from upper left clockwise): Kaki-Age Soba (Php150.00), Beef Curry (Php245.00), Donburi Katsudon (Php180.00) and Yakisoba (Php155.00)
agedashi tofu

Agedashi Tofu (Php55.00)
Potato Salad (Php60.00)

The taste is more than delicious it was scrumptious! I just wish the Yakisoba has a bigger serving and the soups and noodles are bottomless. :P The drinks are limited so we're hoping that soon pitchers of iced tea would be available on the menu!
My eating buddies!
The staff are very friendly and accomodating, they even get our orders in our table since its our first time there and we dont know yet that we have to fall in line on the counter. The powder room is small but clean with tissue, soap and water. 
We forgot to order dessert, so next time we go koshi in Moshi Koshi, I'll be getting the green tea ice cream! :D


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