Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ELIZABETH: People are People (Dalinda Style)

My bf and I stroll the mall yesterday and as always, he came with me to try out gladiator shoes I've been contemplating to buy. We enter different stores and finally at People Are People, I fell in love at first sight. I try it out and it "feet"s me well! lol But still, Im holding my tongue (more like holding on to my purse) on buying this... but after knowing its the last pair for this color and size, my bf "reserved" the item for me for one day. We left the store, and called it a day. Woke up and felt half-hearted to buy it because, I just had a new pair last week, then...

I'm so happy when I received this yesterday! Yes! My boyfriend bought it afterall and surprised me! I didn't expect him to buy this without me - I was just telling him on the phone not to! haha :)

One happy gal here!
#Life is short, buy the shoes! lol
Technically, I didn't buy it and received it as a gift - just because (he wants to!) :D

I love the design of the box! cute right? :) I would definitely keep the box, this is where I'll keep my shoes and the paper bag as a recyclable - chic and sassy way of helping Mother Earth! #thumbsup

A simple shirt and jeans will glammed up when I pair them with this! Oh la la love!

I'm so in love with the nude color and on the style of the sandals! Very comfortable to wear and it won't make my feet and legs hurt :)

Stay tuned for an OOTD soon!

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)


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