Thursday, June 06, 2013

Stiefel Oilatum

"Seal Babies' Skin with Moisture from Oilatum Emollient Bar"
Got several sample bars from different events that I've attended like BDJ Box (#so glad I've passed the moisturized skin test on their booth) and Mommy Mundo's MOTF, and I must say, my baby's skin is soft and smooth! :)
- gently cleanses without drying
 - moisturizes and protects
-suitable for children & infants

oilatumThis bar of moisturizing soap is not a stranger to me. My mom used to use this with us when we were little to avoid that rough dry skin that commercial bars usually has plus, we (my siblings and I) are prone to eczema, it is also the reason why I itch fast when using drying soap.
 Bath emollients are widely prescribed by doctors to treat eczema. They are formulated to work with water to rehydrate and moisturise the skin. The water penetrates the skin and is then sealed in by the emollient, which creates a protective barrier. A bath emollient is convenient to use, and is the ideal choice for all-over dry skin treatment. Oilatum disperses in the bath water (unlike ordinary bath oils which can form a film on the surface) to give you an inviting, milky bath. It rehydrates the skin, helps protect against further drying, and soothes irritation. It also cleanses the skin, so you do not need to use soap.
This bar is kinda slippery and bubbles fast, with a pH of almost 7, whilst negative ions from the foams attract the positive ions of oil and dirt, it wouldn't irritate the skin.  (ha! I remember my good old engineering chemistry 2 at night - the fun laboratory ans all :D *insert inside joke here) Back on the topic,  it wouldn't irritate the skin, it actually gives the skin a moisturized finish as explained above. I had been on the search for additional bath goodies for my babe and after having this with J&J milk bath, I could say that it didn't fail me, and it actually satisfied me (as a mom) more than I could hope for that I decided to just consume the rest of J&J and stick with this new-found bath love plus Physiogel cleanser. And if this is oh-so-good with my babe's sensitive skin then it would not hurt, if mom's skin would (taste and feel) benefit from it too! :D the result in the long run is like reaping an investment for the future self, it is well worth it :)
I have more stiefel products to try to and share like the cleanser and moisturizer but for now check out Stiefel Spectraban 60 - a really high-end sun screen!

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