Friday, June 14, 2013

Makeup Little Tips and Tricks

If you are as busy as a bee, and don't have extra time for vanity and glamour, then these little secrets will help you save time and still look and feel fab!

#Smelling good gives an impression of cleanliness and studies shows that it tends to make people respect you.

How to Have Longer Lasting Scent: Match your lotion with perfume! Scented spray layered with similar scented lotion will keep you fragrant all day long (the first thing that comes in my mind is the Avon matching lotion, body talc,deo and body spray). Don't forget to put your fragrance perfume on a travel size container so you could spray on anytime anywhere!

*Check out Travalo (one item on my travel wishlist) for a fun way to make your perfume travel-friendly! But if you are looking for a more cheaper way to smell good all the time, then Watson's travel size bottle pumps should be your friends!

These are my cutie patootie travel bottles and pumps. Especially important if you will travel by air because only small  bottles are allowed on the plane! :) perfect for lotion, moisturizer,perfume and hand sanitizer! :)

#Oilyness is next to ugliness!

How to Stay Oil-Free: After applying foundation, dust loose powder on your t-zone area (forehead, nose and chin) for added staying power and shine-free makeup, don't forget to put blotting papers on your purse for touch up

*Check out my kawaii blotting paper bought from Market! Market! department store beauty section!


For a cheaper blotting paper, you could use  Starbucks tissues or any hard-like-paper tissue, cut them to your desired shape (rectangular or circular, go do hearts if your artistic enough lol) then keep them in your already-empty pressed powder compact (I prefer to store mine in a compacted mirror just for good measure!), will post about that soon so stay tuned!

#Feel more sexy with Smokey Eyes

la colors

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Pallete

And last but not the least, my Everyday Smokey Eyes Palettes on the go! NYX Champagne & Caviar and Nichido E/S, blush and bronzer palette!

everbilena nyx

Keep the attention to your smokey eyes by pairing it with nude color lipstick and subdued blush

*Check out my everyday smokey eyes below.

I know the lighting was horrible but you get the gist. I love purple smokey eyes its one of my favorite everyday smokey eyes look paired with my

Nichido brown blush if I want shimmer or Careline Touch of Pink for matte blush.

Prep the lips with lip glosses from Etude House
Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #08 -nude pinkish tone and Moon Crystal Power gloss #1 in Aquapink Souls that looks so coralish to me...
Etude House Lipglosses
Etude House Lipglosses

Achieving a pleasant look in an instant is easy if you know what to do and what products will help you and FTW, I would end this post with these two hilarious makeup related videos!

Bubz 3 minute makeup challenge


Windows 8 commercial - 10 seconds makeup challenge!

Died laughing,

trip to 100,000!


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