Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kenjitsu Energy Cooker

Do you remember my Inex post. One of our Inex Technology appliance is the Kenjitsu Energy Cooker. And yes, we now  have two units of this recent kitchen appliance star!
A kitchen is not up-to-date or wouldn't be called modern  if its not donning an induction cooker! Since we only have gas stove as a staple way to cook , an electric stove that we rarely use because of high consumption of electricity (and we still practice cooking-with-woods/charcoal in the province), we drooled ourselves (mom, my sister Beth-who loves to cook - and I) on this!
touchscreened buttons and fireless cooking plate
touch screen buttons and fireless cooking plate
Works on 220-240 Volts or 50/60 Hertz, this Kenjitsu Energy Cooker is almost Php60,000.00 on the price tag! But is it worth it? The thumbs ups:
  • as seen on its packaging and instruction manual, this energy cooker is safe against hot surface blisters, scalds and burns making cooking with kids a safer quality time
  • safe against leaking gas poison and the possibility of gas tank explosion (morbid but true)
  • futuristic - with NANO High Technology Multi-Functional Induction & Halogen Cooker, touch screen seamless buttons and sleek Vitroceramic black cooktop glass surface finish
  • timer - allows you to dovetail (multi-tasking): be it washing the dishes or sleeping, the timer will save you from burning the casserole (just make sure, your timer is right)
  • portable - one single burner is travel friendly. perfect for outdoor hotpot and out-of-town vacay. Just make sure you're staying in an area well electricity is not a problem
  • perfect cooking- by-the-book partner - temperature can be adjusted by degree
  • low electric consumption - compared to other electric burner, induction cookers use less energy while cooking faster
The not-so-good:
  • Magnetic cookware or no cooking at all! - yep, the magic only works for steel and iron pot. If you collect stainless steel/cast iron pots and pans then no problemo, but if you're not, time to spring clean the kitchen and shop for new cookeries!
  • The Price is not so nice - as stated on my previous post, one was won as a price and one was taken out of the credit card worth Php60,000.00 inclusive of free items, but the actual price of a new Kenjitsu Energy Cooker is Php56,900.00
  • No money, no honey - if you didn't pay the bills - okay, scratch that, if blackouts, brownouts, power failure, whatever happen to you, then no food tonight! Unless you have a generator and an extra if the first generator got issues too
  • higher electricity bill - it consumes lesser electric energy compared to ordinary electric stove so if you are currently using the electric stove it is a thumbs up, but if you are upgrading from gas stove to induction cooker, then this kitchen appliance will be added on top of your monthly electric consumption bill (unless you invent yourself a mechanical device - a stay in place bike connected to a generator with extension cord plugs - that'll burn your fats while excreting electricity)
By count, you could shrug off the cons and run your butt out and buy a new induction cooker, but believe me, if you can't afford to spare another buck to pay your Meralco bill and a generator hasn't got a place in your garage yet, think twice. If you really can't help yourself falling in love with this device because your futuristic, tech savvy and loves to cook, then go!But take this advice: never let go of your gas stove, you may play with induction cooker when times are great but the gas stove -its your friend when in need. *put strong winds and heavy rains in the dark here*

Nevertheless, we are enjoying the package we won and the package we bought. We now have our very own home oxygenated water, two massage chairs, etc. :) Happy costumers as we could be, I had a confession to make --- I bought another Inex package worth Php60,000.00 00! OMG double HKP! i'll be posting about what I've got soon!


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