Friday, March 24, 2017

Ways to Communicate with your Unborn Child

Pregnancy is the period in which a woman carries a fetus inside her body. And it is such a wonderful blessing for a woman to experience. But some women can't even imagine how a little creature develops inside their own body. The bond between the mother and her unborn child is unbreakable and it is very important. And even though a bond is already created, a mother can still do more in strengthening that bond. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Verbally - you and your partner can communicate with your unborn child verbally. You'll be surprise when he or she kicks in recognition of your voice. Talking to your unborn child together creates an early bond with your child.

2. Non-verbal through games - A touch can also be felt by your baby. Touching your belly while talking to your baby is another way to communicate with him or her. Another way to do is by simple games like tapping on your stomach and waiting for the baby fetus to kick back. Sometimes, they also change positions. Studies show that babies tend to respond to outside sounds and touches. You can even tickle your baby if you like! Massaging your belly is also important to introduce your baby to human touch and to the world outside the womb.

3. Music - music is a language everyone can understands - even your unborn child. Music provides a calm, harmonious environment in which the baby can grow in the womb. Play soothing and classical music and you'll see that your child responds to the beat of it. This can relax you and your baby as you ready for the evening rest.

The bond between the mom and her unborn child is something that's already there. By doing these tips you have more ways to be able to strengthen that bond even more.


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