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Minola Premium Cooking Oil

Did you know that Coconut is one of the most robust and useful members of the plant kingdom? It can be found on practically all tropical and sub-tropical coastlines worldwide on a variety of soils. The coconut is a major part of the diet in over 90 countries!

Coconut is also known as the "Tree of Life" because of the many use of it such as:

1. Coconut Husk for a pot for plants, Shells to create bowls, utensils, handicrafts, musical instruments, exfoliating products. Husk together with shell can create fuel, buff floors and mosquito repellant. 
2. Coconut Water is consumed as a refreshing drink and for hydration in athletes and illness. Also used for skin and hair care. 
3. Coconut Meat creates coconut oil, coconut milk, nectar, copra, coconut sap which can be turned to palm wine, candy, syrup, coconut sugar or palm sugar. 
4. Coir is a natural elastic fiber extracted from coconut husks, used for floor mats, brushes, ropes and strings, mattress stuffing, caulking for boats and fishing nets
5. Coconut Leaves for broom, baskets and mats, cooking skewers, kindling and roofing.
6. Coconut Trunk creates furniture, houses, drums, containers and canoes.
7. Coconut Roots for dye, mouthwash and frayed pieces can be used as a toothbrush.

Proven Benefits of Coconut Oil such as:

1. Treats Alzheimers
2. Prevents heart disease and High Blood Pressure
3. Cures UTI and kidney infection
4. Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis
5. Prevents and treats cancer 
6. Boosts Immune System
7. Improves Memory and Brain Function
8. Improves energy and endurance
9. Improves digestion, reduces ulcers and colitis 
10. Helps gallbladder disease and pancreatitis
11. Improves skin issues 
12. Prevents gum disease and tooth decay 
13. Prevents Osteoporosis
14. Improves type II diabetes
15. Helps weight loss
16. Builds muscle and decreases body fat 
17. Benefits hair health 
18. Fights candida and yeast infection 
19. Anti-Aging
20. Balances Hormones

Minola Premium Cooking Oil has a lauric acid, and Minola Oil is one of the leading cooking oil brands in the local market. It was established in the 1970s and is under dominant manufacturer, Coconut Industry Investment Fund Oil Mills Groups or CIIF OMG with six large oil mills and refineries stragetically located all through out the Philippines. 

Coconut oil's major component is 45-52% lauric acid. Some of the chemical properties of coconut oil are saturated fatty acids like Palmitic Acid, Capric Acid and Lauric Acid. 
Saturated fats may increase the level of cholesterol in the blood but this cholesterol is not always necessarily the "bad" cholesterol. Coconut Oil is classified as a superfood as recent research has shown that not all saturated fats are bad for our health and that includes coconut oil.

There are 2 types of cholesterol, first is the High Density Lipoproteins (Good Cholesterol) and second is Low Density Lipoproteins (Bad Cholesterol). The Bad Cholesterol (LDL) gets deposited in the inner walls of the arteries and poses a threat for the heart but Good Cholesterol (HDL) does just the opposite, it helps lower the LDL while providing energy and nutrition. 

Every morning, we usually cook fried food such as egg, hotdog, daing, kikiam and fishballs. And we, as a mom, its very important to find the right and perfect cooking oil for our everyday uses. And Minola Premium Cooking Oil is just that!

Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil has been in the Philippine market for over 50 years and continue to soar in Asia, Middle East and the North America.
CIIF OMG's local cooking oil brand Minola dominates consumer pack market segment with overall leadership in the Philippine vegetable oik business and is available on all grocery outlet amd sari-sari stores nationwide.

Official Website:
Physical Office: 16th flr. UCPB Bldg. Makati Ave.,6969 Makati
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