Monday, January 18, 2016

Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Color Lip Tattoo

I've been meaning to post this a couple of weeks ago, I have a lot of backlogs and alas, real life gets in the way, I have engagements here and there, proposals to do, billings to make, presentation to finalize, kids in tow. Annnnd, my eyes are extra sensitive this past few days, so I let myself "relax" a bit (by staying afk). Yes, I didn't opened my desktop for 4 straight days or so? I didn't know how many days exactly, probably a week! Hurrah to me! I survived! Annnnd, it did me good. Aside from the fact that I "relax" my eyes from the screen, I did a little bazaar on our place, which you could check out here: Anik Anik sa Acacia Street.
Please excuse my naked face, I just applied my Olay Total Effects day cream and get on with it.
The Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Color aka lip tattoo is a beauty innovation created in Korea. It acts as a lip color that does not smudged or get erased for at least the whole day. If you hate retouching, this is for you.
Monomola lip tattoo comes in different shades: Cherry Red, Sexy Red, Lovely Peach, Orange and Rose Pink.
What you do is, you squeeze the tub and apply the lip tattoo quite thickly over your lips (or else you'll have a hard time removing it) and wait for around 10-15 minutes or until you feel that its completely dry. Peel it off and kiss away.
This is the third time that I tried it. My first time was a disaster! I put too much that it started to get inside my mouth. If you need red stained teeth to complete your look, squeeze the tub harder! lol It tastes bitter but it strongly smelled like roses. I didn't find the smell offending, but if you're sensitive, you might want to try it out first to see if its okay with you or not.

nakakatawa ang first lip tattoo experience ko. Pasado sa #gerilenmbf hihi
Otw to Nestle's for breakfast!
The second time I tried this. I put a tiny weeny bit that I had to scrape my lips just to remove the elastic. Tsk.

The Monomola lip tattoo comes in a sturdy, textured cute box. The tub has a small orifice and is sitting upside down, so you would probably use this up to its last drop.
It did made my lips dry as you can see in the photo, so I suggest using lip balm right after. I tried to let is sit for 20 minutes (the longer you wait, the better color), but you have to make sure that your lips are well moisturized because since mine was dry, the elastic really sticks to my lips, removing the elastic tore my inner lips a bit.
You can clearly see the difference from the photo. I use here the sexy red color.
You have to be patient while waiting. I tried not to talk, so I do sign language with my kiddo in the entire 20minute ordeal. lol
I suggest you put this first before doing your makeup to save time. That's it. Ano pa ba? If may nakalimutan ako, comment down below. Any questions, comment down below. Suggestions, comment down below. Recommendations, down below. below down comment. Computer melt down. *robotic sigh*
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