Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Food Trip: The Watercress Salad - The Best of Baguio in a Bowl

Watercress is one of the veggies I learned to love when I was in Baguio. Most especially when I was pregnant, and now that I am again, I'm craving for some watercress stew.
Beef stew with watercress is the best hot-pot my mom used to cook for us, especially for me - I miss watercress' sweet delicate taste and I was amaze to see it on my favorite pizza parlor - Shakey's!
Crisp watercress and purple  lettuce, fresh strawberries, red radish, cherry tomatoes, with rich feta cheese and crushed candied walnuts, all tossed together with or house-made raspberry vinaigrette for an enticing starter.

You can get this delight at Php150.00 ala cart and Php255.00 for sharing.
imageraspberry vinaigrette
Very colorful presentation and it has all the good and fresh ingredients - the watercress, purple lettuce, red radish, cherry tomatoes, top with feta cheese and candied walnuts.
The strawberries are too few though and the serving size is too small for my big appetite. I think the family bowl just have a tad big strawberry cut in quarter. Nevertheless, it is a good new addition on their menu. Fresh and healthy in contrast to greasy yummy food to follow. lol


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