Sunday, December 07, 2014

November Mini Haul!

Collective mini haul for the month of November includes goodies from Korea, random online shops and mall sales! :D I'm still sleepy but I'm too giddy to finally post this haul and maybe if I'm not yet tired will do a review on my favorites!
Secosana structured bag in toffee
Omni White Soaps

Mango Touch Wallet
Mango Touch Purse
Mango Touch Two-Way Bag
Korean goodies includes:
Skinfood Peppermint Morning Tea Dry Shampoo, Aloe Sun BB Cream and Rice Concealer
Nature Republic Mask Sheets in Broccoli, Aloe and Lemon Balm
Kiki Socks
Arituim Fresh Essence Mask in Green Tea, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
and Red Mango Lip and Cheek Tint that reminds me so much of Benetint! Careline Magic Lipstick in Chillax, Avon's Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick in Shiny Silver, Maybelline Color Show in Orange Icon and Plum Perfect which is a dupe for Clio Peripera in Serious. Nichido Matte Lipstick in Temptation that reminds me of Nyx Matte Lips in Copenhagen, Nichido Multiple Stick in Sunset Glow, and Nichido Tinted Brow Gel in Brunette. Snoe Tinted Eyebrow Pencil wax in brown.
A tub of this IceElements by Ocean Avenue. The photo below is a sample size only as I didn't get to snap a picture of the tub before using it, because I badly need to use it I don't have time to get warm with it. hehe
Za True White line that I got a couple of months back that I forgot about in the dusty shelves of potions and lotions. hihi
That's it. I just hope I have extra time to review my favorites if not all.
Stay safe and dry! :D

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