Saturday, December 06, 2014

ELIZABETH: FOTD Simple Glamour

First, I applied my Sunblock which is Ocean Potion, an anti-aging skin fortified with Vitamin D with SPF 30. I applied my moisturizer which is 100% Natural Day Moisturizer from Human Heart Nature with 15 vitamins and minerals then my Primer from Revlon, and after that I applied my Whipped Creme Foundation from Max Factor. I also apply concealer from Revlon under my eye to cover my eyebags and set my foundation using Ellena Mineral Powder. 

For my eyebrows, I used my IN2IT eyebrow palette which has 3 shades (light brown, brown and black). The liquid eyeliner and lash curler I used are from Aido and my false lashes are from Everbilena named Eunice. 

For my lipstick, I used Apple brand in Twinkle shade underneath my Simply Pretty balm from Avon. ;)

live, love, laugh,
Beth :)


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