Friday, September 26, 2014

Food Trip: Slappy Cakes

When we were in college, my ex-boyfriend used to order hot pancakes to bring to school - for me. Everyday, I got two pancakes filled with margarine and sugar dust for a full one-trisem (that's three months of six days each week). That ex-boyfriend is now the lucky father of my salsa monster.
Modern, authentic and functional - that is the concept of Slappy Cakes. I love the homey wood finish in the background, and those huge photographs? Adorbs!
Slappy cake buddies here.
How the Slappy Cakes works? Well, if you wanna prepare yourself before going to the slappy cake party then you have to continue reading as I stole the secret recipe, err, steps to get your cake slappy.
1) You choose your base, the batter. Buttermilk, chocolate, vegan, whole grain and dad's favorite, peanut butter.
Buttermilk and Whole Grain (Php225.00 each)
Peanut Butter, Vegan and Chocolate (Php260.00 each)
2) Pick your fix. Are you a sweet tooth or a salty tongue?
Sweet: Coconut (Php40.00)
Sweet: Chocolate chips and bananas (Php45.00 each)
Sweet: Apples and Mangoes (Php60.00 each)
Sweet: Raisins and Blueberries (Php75.00 each)
Salty: Peanuts (Php40.00)
Salty: Cashew Nuts (Php75.00)
Salty: Bacon, Sausage and White Cheese (Php80.00 each)
Salty: Chorizos, Smoked Ham (Php85.00 each)
Salty: Cheddar Cheese, Assorted Mushrooms (Php70.00 each)
Salty: Salted Duck Eggs, Spring Onions (Php45.00 each)
3) Add toppings. Syrup or sauce?
Whipped Cream (Php40.00)
Maple Syrup (Php45.00)
Honey (Php50.00)
Apple Sauce and Chocolate Sauce (Php60.00)
Spring Onion Sour Cream (Php70.00)
Nutella (Php75.00)
Creamy Peanut Butter and Lemon Curd (Php80.00 each)
4) Love your mom. Yeah. It's in the book.
I will leave the sweet dilemma of cooking pancakes on your liking and head on to the next best thing the Slappy Cake could offer - the Rice Plates!
Tocino Tociyes (Php250.00) - pork or chicken tocino with garlic rice and two eggs cooked on your liking (boiled -soft, hard, half cooked, scrambled or sunny side up) served with Clyde's favorite - mango salsa! :D
Bongga-Longanisa (Php250.00) - pork or chicken longanisa with garlic rice and two eggs and mango salsa!
Slappy Moco (Php290.00) -  Grilled hamburger patty with steamed rice, chopped mushrooms, two eggs of your liking and red pepper sauce and spinach sauce.
Finger food! (That I unfortunately didn't photograph since the baby is insisting on eating the mango salsa on his own) Oh boy!
Potato Wedge for Php100.00 and Cheese Sticks with Marinara Sauce (to die for!) for only Php150.00
Say hello to my salsa monster date! lol Love you baby! 
I love how huge the silverwares are! The tables are quite wide too. The cooking sesh may make you sweat especially if you're mastering the flip so it's a good thing that Slappy Cake is well ventilated with high ceiling! :D Yay!
That pinup slappy cake lady always get me.
Your pancake lover,


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