Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gly Derm

Let's face it, even before pregnancy, some bellas tend to have those white stripes somewhere along the bikini area, along the underarms, and on my pre-wife/pre-pregnancy years, those almost transparent stripes doesn't bother me at all - not until I gave birth.
I did tried to prevent these stripes using Shea butter during my pregnancy and it did help a bit. The stripes however are tougher especially when it's on the blueprint of your genes.
The tiger stripes that I'm talking about is very well known as the stretch mark. As mentioned earlier, puberty, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and hormonal changes weakens skin elasticity and causes collagen fibers to break.
Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream promises to help rebuild collagen and regain skin elasticity. This so called dual-function helps improve color and size of the stretch marks.
As much as I would want to let you guys see my before and after photos, I would pass. I'm too conservative when it comes to that and my sex life (but that's another story).
Sorry for that blurry photo. Glyderm looks like any other lotion, but I could feel a film after applying this. The bottle tube is also better than OK since it is upside down and you could control the product by gently squeezing it. At the back of the bottle, the direction for use is to gently massage onto skin twice daily, and since I don't have that luxury of time, I apply this on to area after shower. And although, there are days when I forget this new routine after bath, I still quite see some difference in size and color.
This product will do best if stored below 25°C but do not refrigerate.
Its dermatologically tested, preservative free and fragrance free.
Have you tried Gly Derm before? What other stretch mark removers do you use? Comment down below!


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