Saturday, February 08, 2014

Fitness On A Dime

I'm not an athlete, not inclined to sport and not an active person, as the nature of my work as a structural designer is to sit all day long in front of my screen or
sit on a cafe or conference room for a meeting and not move around that much unless
we have to inspect a construction site.
So far, my only exercise is the baby - lifting a 10kg hyperactive infant, running and following him around and of course, breastfeeding (yup, breastfeeding burns calories too!).
I happen to stumble to this Creative Ways To Exercise few moons ago and this is really what I need to keep in mind to do everyday, just to let my body have extra physical activities throughout the day!
Of all the suggestions, here's my top 3 favorites!
1) squats while brushing teeth
2) leg lifts while sitting at my desk
3) walking whenever possible
Read more about Vee's creative ways to exercise here: 10 Creative Ways To Exercise
What's your favorite dovetail workout?


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