Friday, February 21, 2014

#ChooseToShine With Pantene!

First off, thank you so much Belle de Jour Power Planner and Pantene for these amazing products I received last year! :)
I've been using this for quite a while now, and I'm actually on my 3rd bottle of Pantene Conditioner and both of these will actually be included on my February empties! Yes, that only means I use it e-ve-ry-day!
This is my after (colored and rebonded)  treatment hair. Aside from my previous treatments, my hair is exposed to chemicals like hair spray and heat although I'm not using hair straightener, I'm always exposed to the sun especially when we're doing our rounds of site inspections. Normally, my hair is straight, naturally thin, easy to break, brittle and always ready to mingle with each other aka tangle and I'm aware that my hair is damage now. I want it to rest, give my hair a break and pamper it! Rejuvinate its lost glory and I'm happy to tell that for a months now, I've been doing it with Pantene!
I'm actually afraid of using conditioner because most of the time it leaves my hair oily, and with my thin hair I felt looking like I have flat oily hair sticking on my face. Little did I know that all I need to do - the little secret - to successfully pulling off soft moisturized straight hair is by using Pantene conditioner starting on the tips of my hair upward, concentrating the formula on the tips as it is the most dry part!
I love that the orifice looks like a cake decorator nozzle - conditioning hair has never been so fun! lol
Afterwards, while still wet, I apply ten full pumps of miracle water on my palm, hand combing my hair from tips to the root!
Air dried hair after Pantene Conditioner and Pantene Miracle Water!
Comb and/or blow-dry hair as usual
and apply another pump or two to smoothen out my hair for that total shiny, good-looking, yummy-smelling hair!
:) Like I said, Pantene Miracle Water and Pantene Conditioner both were included for my upcoming February empties and so I would like to share to you some of my photos using these Pantene duo!
Say hello to my shiny straight hair!
12pm, still looking fresh with my gorgeous hair thanks to my little travel buddy - Pantene Miracle Water!
Hair spray for my curly ends + Pantene Miracle Water on the top = Gorgeous hair!
My shining selfie moment! Thanks Pantene!
Happy as can be! I choose to shine with Pantene! #ChooseToShine!


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