Monday, February 17, 2014

BDJ Rendezvous: Start Smart With BDJ!

This is the first BDJ Rendezvous of the year 2014 and boy, I'm so excited! :) I'm excited to meet new bellas and learn from the talks - to make a smart start for this full-of-promise 2014! The event was held at the Ace Water Spa Pasig and hosted by the ever cheerful and gorgeous host, model and blogger, Ms. Janeena Chan.
Talks include "Born to be a Hero" by Ms. Daniella Morga, resource speaker and facilitator of "One Core - Better Life Decisions".
Followed by fashion editors, Ms. Kabbie Alipio
 and Ms. Jacque de Borja's
"Wear on Repeat" - this by far is my favorite talk!
Starting smart ain't complete without touching the financial aspect of life, right? So thanks to Ms. Katherine Tiuseco for teaching us tips on how to save on "What to do on Your Money" talk, for having a 50% off sale on your back to back lifestyle upgrade and for signing my copy!
Last but definitely not the least was "The Secret to a Wonderbod" or as the cutey the-only-thorn-among-the-roses speaker, Mr. Jose Gemora, Senior Coach at 360 degree Fitness Club called it, a secret to a healthy bod!
Bellas intently listening to the talks :)
BDJ Rendezvous are always sweet and fun and is incomplete without games and raffle prizes!
The hair makeover game - three best hairstyles won prizes from Goody!
Thank you Canon for the photo booth!
Selfies and group photos with the bellas! :)
Thank you so much BDJ for my loot!

Sponsors: Celeteque, 360 degree Fitness Club, browhaus, Canmake, Canon, Flipster, Freefish, Goody, OneCore, Havaianas, RedBox, Red Mango, Wacoal, Tokyo Posh, Subic Grand Seas Resort, The Cream Factory, Sharpie, Seafood Island, Skinfood, Serenitea, SM Ladies Fashion, Mister Donuts, Lulu's, ZenZest and Strip!
I'll end this post with my babe enjoying his Mister Donuts Wow Bavarians!


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