Wednesday, October 04, 2017

For Charo Santos, a diamond is forever

Charo Santos fondly recalls her first major purchase as Baron Travel Girl in the late seventies when she traveled all around the world. “Before I thought of owning a car, I thought of owning a diamond!” says the award-winning actress and entertainment executive. “I thought that a diamond was something I could keep forever.”

14k White Gold Diamond Halo Stud Earrings with 38 pcs. of 0.13 carats diamonds

Over the years, Charo has learned more about diamonds and jewelry, which makes her the ideal choice as the newest face of My Diamond. Her numerous career and personal achievements make Charo the perfect spokesperson for My Diamond’s newest campaign, Choosing True Brilliance. And Charo has plenty of brilliant advice for girls hoping to get their first piece of diamond jewelry. Charo says the experience, while very personal, is empowering.

14k White Gold Cluster Earrings with 2 pcs. of 0.23 carats diamonds and 16 pcs. 0.59 carats diamond

“You can’t make a mistake with simple studs,” she says. “Personally, I go for earrings for everyday wear – it’s simple and classic.” With her low-key and down-to-earth personality, she wears more fabulous pieces only during special occasions, like the Star Magic Ball.

14k White Gold Heart Shaped Diamond Halo Stud Earrings with 38 pcs. of 0.13 carats diamond

Charo says diamonds are more than fashion accessories. “Diamonds can inspire us women to work harder and they can give us a sense of security.”

The gems are to be kept and cherished. Says Charo, “Diamonds appreciate in value over time. They’re smart investments and can be heirlooms.”

14k White Gold Bezel Cut Round Stud Earrings of 0.38 carats diamonds

But more than anything else, buying your own diamond is all about rewarding and loving yourself. “Owning a diamond makes you feel good about yourself like the best friendship, it lasts forever through thick and thin.”


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